BIOS for Gigabyte Z390 I Aorus Pro Wifi itx

Firstly, yes I have made a mistake, by thinking newer is better.
Yesterday I was possessed - downloaded all the newest updates for windows, app updates, cleaned the PC of clutter, updated support apps. Also the Gigabyte AppCenter application. Subsequently downloaded @BIOS app for “EASY” bios updates - took some while to download all of that.
Clicked yes for updating MB to F6 BIOS version within the app (before I always updated the old fasioned way) - took some time to prompt the window for Windows reboot, after which the finest moment happened to me - 2 hours of PC trying to post and doing internal switching on and off. Cleared CMOS by shorting it. Nothing - the same aching tries to boot for 1 more hour.
As the board has previously been picky about bios and overclocking, hoped that it would jump back to older BIOS version (it has happened before automatically after power loss and overcloking profile).
Now I have almost 2k worth components that cant move a muscle because of faulty BIOS. Already wrote to Gigabyte support for the highly “Advertised DualBios” feature to be explained for me, how to gain back the ability to access the bios that is on the motherboard and has been automatically booted by system itself in past. because the Manual does not list the way to boot with default bios or switch to it using physical switch.

Maybe someone has idea - how to fix this ? Steps to take to force default bios use? Is there a possibility to manually update bios with rufus/bootable device ? If this is eligible for warranty exchange? Maybe battery removal might do the trick? Minimum boot ?

Thanks in advance!

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