BioHacking your thoughts

My question goes out to all the Tek members particularly @Logan as your philosophy on the tech life tightrope is very well balanced.
So what are your thoughts on technology based body modification (artificial skin with circuits, RFID/NFC implants, ect...), Nearly 10 years ago I decided that in my lifetime I would see these kinds of things eagerly adopted, if not pushed upon people by the government as a way of easily managing large populations. At the time i thought bar code tattoos where the outcome of that but now we have so many more options its almost a frightening as it is exciting.
I am one who is considering these as a positive way to streamline the life technology bond.
I have had a number of body piercings done and needles don't intimidate me in the slightest so I'm thinking of taking my first step towards being a bionic man.
NFC seems like a logical start as it has many implementations that I already use.

Here are some info on the particular body mod I'm interested in. NOTE: The Forbes video is not for folks who are squeamish about needles.]

If I was very certian I could not be tracked by it I would be onboard for that. Thats crossed my mind quite a few times over the years. And since I got a defibrillator implanted in me and a bunch of stents, shunts and other medical devices I'm not really worried about a chip inside my hand. However I am concerned that my defibrillator comunicates via bluetooth. More interested with the idea of brain implants that let me interface with electronics though.

A digital > Biological interface would be would be awesome, I think NFC and Bluetooth are incompatible so it shouldn't be a problem but i see the reason for concern. The tracking thing weighed in on my thinking but I reasoned here in Australia the government hasn't even worked out that we use the internet yet, so tracking of implanted RFID tags should be a ways off.