Binary Search Tree

Could anybody explain Heaps and why this BST looks like this?

Well the MAX heap is just a binary tree with the goal that the largest number is always at the root (=> MAX, same can be done with MIN)
This takes some reordering of the initial data (or correct insertion in an empty tree) and some operations everytime you pop the root from the tree.

about the tree in (a):
It is a bit confusing at first to see the tree like that, because I tend to expect it to be ordered. But a binary tree is just the formal structure without any assumption about the ordering. It is not a binary search tree though! I guess there were some insertion algorithm with the material, that is just stupidly followed to end up with that tree.
Actually that algorithm is fairly easy to see: Take the element and insert it from left to right as the next leaf.

yeh I assumed it would follow BST rules but its really just a heap.