Biggest Ripoff PC ever?

I guess this can go here, (otherwise i was thinking of putting it in funny).

here is the product, link

it costs $5699

i made the same on pccpartpicker and it came out to be $3319 not including the case ( i guess that case might be $200, so maybe $3500 all up. The pcpartpicker is here for refence. Is this the worst markup ever or what?

It doesnt even have full water cooling or even SLI. Only a single GTX690. If you watch the video, the case fans kind off expand out from the sides when they start to sped up. Like wtf, why is that needed.

Is this the biggest ripoff you can find? let me know if you find something worse.

Its pretty bad, but there is this...... lol

You pay 5 grand for it and dont even get cable management wtf?

haha, i thought someone was gonna sggest a mac pro

How About a no-contract iphone 5? pretty bad rip for whats being offered these days

alienware aurora... house fire in a box... only a 240w psu, but has an i7 and discrete gpu.....

Pschh, I'm sure they use a high-quality and reliable PSU that's 80+ Platinum. I'msure they don't use a crappy, 240W PSU. Becuzzzz Alienware is da best.


Seriously though, that is awful. 240W? 240W?


if you play around with those mac pro settings you can easily get it over 10k, thats crazy

Where are you getting your details from? It is a 525W psu. Another thing is the PC wouldn't even boot off of a 240w PSU, much less run anything full load.

If you're going to knock on alienware at least say something true and isn't random details thrown around.


Only thing overpriced I've seen lately is some of the bitcoin mining machines put on eBay recently.

I guess maybe not too bad, but if I'm spending 2 grand on a computer I'm going to be building it with better stuff than that.

If alienware and apple ever teamed up.  That would scare me 

That case for the asus machine looks awesome looking though.

their website... duh... oops, it's the x51, not the aurora.... but still

you have to remember though that pccasegear is Australian and ships Australia wide. newegg, amazon etc. don't ship to Australia, and there is more availability in the USA, therefore the Pcpartpicker should be cheaper. but yes, it is a bit of a ridiculous mark up.

that thing looks sick. But yeah overpriced but i guess thats what you get from a boutique build? You probably dont care if you are dropping green like that.

it looks like what would happen if apple and dell conceived a child

Where'd you get 240 from? It says 525 as a standard option on their site:

That thing is ugly as hell

$3,800 for a Mac Pro with 2 Xeons? What the hell. Why the hell would anyone need a Xeon? Let alone two!

But meh, doesn't stop people buying them.

I "made" a pc running linux that was better than a mac pro and cost like $3000 less

I mean.. why have a computer when you can optimus prime.