Bigger HDD on original XBOX?

I have an original XBOX and I want to start modding it soon. I would like to put a bigger HDD in it and I have a lot of 40 GB drives. Is there a way to put a bigger one in and install the firmware to it? Maybe even Win XP?

There is plenty of tutorials on YouTube to do so. I think you can even use modern hard drives as big as 1TB with an IDE adapter.
I was quite interested in this but got rid of my Xbox long ago.

Looking up again I believe the method will require you to soft mod the system. I am pretty sure you have one of the games to deploy the exploit.

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Splinter Cell is one?

A bigger HDD is possible but the hardware is too weak to load Windows XP. I think that the best OS you could get on it is only Windows 95. I know it's a glorified PC (like all the Xboxs are) but the lack of drivers and the modifications done to it makes it less prone to run full OSs. I might be wrong but natively not much can run on it, as far as I remember.

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xp runs fine on it

Natively? Or running with QEmu?

I have to apologise.

blame it on the meds I am currently taking, missed the bit in the thread heading that said 'original'

I think I am going to go back to sleep for a while, brain is screwed.

and thinking back I cant even be sure it was on xobox

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I think he was thinking of the Wii, which XP actually DOES run on but due to 0 PPC apps in windows it cannot be used for much of anything.