Big Endian Processors

Past PPC what is there in big endian land? Rpi?

What is around for RISC anymore? I can't exactly google much of this stuff so I'm hoping someone here has an idea of at least where to look..

For general purposes CPUs big endian is dead since x86 came out.
PowerPC is Big/bi endian that means they can be switched to use LE thus some ppc CPUs can be run in LE.

ARM processors are by default LE (most of them) but they can be switched to BE. So they are Bi endians.

RISC? Go look up SPARC, ATMEL AVR, also ARM.
RISC processors are usually used in super computers

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I wish ppc was more common. I think its neat. If anything apple should rlease a patch for the old ppc efi so that it can be used as an open dev platform.

It would be a cold day in Hell...

Have you looked around for any old Sun Sparc kit? You might be able to get FreeBSD running on something half-decent to play with.

I had the opportunity but my home doesn't even have the rails to run one of those things. I think it was a sunfire R370 or something like that. I would rather look for a SPARC pc from like 1992.

Hmmm.... I wonder if any modern BSD or Linux could run on one of these:

Sun Blade 100 workstation from around 2003, now dirt cheap on ebay and much more usable than something from 25 years ago. I am sure I've seen this kind of thing still in a few offices and running fairly recent versions of Solaris.

EDIT: looks like freebsd would run:

BSD debian aros yeah a lot pf stuff actually. I just want something more mobile lol

Some people have no imagination...


Looks like DIY Backpack VR :D
Maybe that would be a VR solution if someone would try to get a Backpack VR system in a world like Fallout 4 using terminals.

@FaunCB NetBSD aims to run on almost everything. Maybe try that if FreeBSD doesn't work - FreeBSD is more focused on the current server/workstation world.

I would love to put a bsd on my ibook or buy a powerbook that works o: I'll have to do some research. Linux doesn't work worth a shit on my ibook NOR powerbook. I'm giessing its a special version of the gpu's screwing it up.

I tried FreeBSD on the Raspberry Pi 2 a couple of days ago, it ran decently apart from being unable to use X and the really slow tty scrolling.

IBM and Sun Machines tend to be big endian. I guess buy a Watson?