Big Decisions

Hey Logan and Winder, so I'm looking for your help and opinion on somethings. Recently I had dropped out of college after I failed two of my classes, this hit me pretty hard as those were the first two classes I have failed in the last 5 years. So now for the past month I have been sitting on my ass playing games. I do have a part time job as a dispatcher but I don't plan to make minimum wage for the rest of my life. When I started college I though I had my life figured out,  I was going to go to college,  earn my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and live a happily ever after.  But it ends up being that I'm not very good at math... 

So after I dropped out I basically went back to square one and have no idea what to do,  I did some research on careers but haven't got anywhere yet. So my question is,  have you (Logan) or Windel ever been where I am right now? Where you have no idea what you want to do with your life.  And if you have, how did you get out of that phase? 

Also if you could recommend some job (preferably that are not so heavy on mathematics) that you thing will "bloom" in the next 5-10 years that would be great. I understand it's a little hard to do with today's economy but I just want your opinion on what you think. 

I do understand that it's my life and that I have to make the decision on what I should do but I'm just looking for an opinion. 

Sorry if I miss spelled some words or jump around with different topics,  I am currently writing this from work. 

As always keep up the great work, you guys are doing an awesome job,  always makes my day I little brights after watching one of your videos!