anyone ever used it?

The headset that I previously owned had the padding tear off the ear pieces, so I'm in the market for a new one. However, I hardly ever use headsets (primarily use my speakers) except for the rare times I get to play with a friend who works the opposite work schedule as me. So pretty much maybe once or twice a week if I'm lucky.

Considering that I will rarely be using it, I really don't want to invest a lot of money into it. I was looking at the Creative Fatal1ty headset. Seems to be one of the better options for the 20 dollar price range.

The cheapest I could find was on Amazon for 22... That is, until you actually proceed to check out. The cheapest shipping plus tax turns that 22 dollar headset into $32.50... Ouch.

Obviously getting outside of the price range I care to pay for something I'll hardly ever use, so I started looking around to see if I could find a better deal.

I found a set that after shipping and handling comes to 26 dollars on a website called that domain name alone just kinda sounds fake, but I've seen enough reviews to say that at least the site isn't 100% scam, but the reviews were mixed enough to give some concern.

Has anyone here actually ordered from this site? If so, what kind of experience did you have?

Not looking for any other suggestions, just any looking to hear any feedback from people who have actually used this website.

If your price range is $20 check out the mono price headphones

I used that site to order batteries, they came with a giant catalog, not sure why they waste money printing a catalog, those days are long past.

Huh. Guess that catalog would give me something to look at on the toilet. But since you said the site wasn't a scam is good enough for me.

Their focus is naturally more towards professionals, so the average person never deals with them

B&H is like the NewEgg of camera equipment. Yes, they are very legit

Glad to hear it. The website name itself, bhphototovideo just kinda sounds like one of those fake links you'd find on the fifth page of a google search lol. Thanks.

The website doesn't seem to exist.

I used to go into their store in NYC... it's a treat and a half........ and busy... and sometimes annoying. Otherwise it's a great store.

If their in store prices are anything like their online prices, I bet. Except I could do without the crowd part lol not one for social environments.

dealt with them many times for photo equipment, great deals, and for Canadians they have a ship/brokerage/to your door no extra fee system; quite advantageous.
My opinion Good people.
edit 1 = for example they have pelican cases for half the price I would pay locally !!!!
edit 2 = bought some lenses for Canon; good prices and darn fast delivery by puro.

Bought a Canon XH-A1 camera from them probably 7 years ago for some video production work we were doing at the time, they are or were great to deal with and had very good pricing.