BF4: Thoughts, opinions, what you want to see?

BF4 looks amazing, we can all agree with that. But what I want to know is what you guys expect from the multiplayer enviroment. Personally I don't expect it to be much different from BF3 gameplay-wise which I don't mind as I really like BF3. But what I do want are new guns. I don't want the same old things from BF3 with maybe a few new ones. And one thing that I'm not sure if DICE will do or not is have guns that don't currently exist. BF4 is set a few years in the future so you would expect a fictional gun or two but who knows. 

I don't think they would make ficitonal guns too far from what already exists based on how they do audio for their games. They actually record a ton of samples from firing the real guns in order to create accurate audio in the game. With fictional guns it would be difficult to continue that strategy.

I hope the game continues what BF3 started in regards to movement. You could tell they applied their experience making mirror's edge to BF3 in the movement department, and that's one of the big things that lifts Battlefield above Call of Duty.

They will probably continue to use the web interface for menus, which is disappointing. 

I mainly only play Team Deathmatch, so multiplayer-wise map design is my biggest concern. I loved the maps in BF3, but that doesn't mean the same quality will come to BF4. COD4 had amazing maps, but I was severely disappointed in the maps of MW2. I hope that the same doesn't happen to BF4.

What I want is a worthy sequel to Battlefield 2, since Battlefield 3 wasn't it. Sadly, it's looking like it's going to be going down the Battlefield 3 route. I liked some aspects of 3, but it was a bad experience as a whole.

fist things first it NEEDS voip for pc, it's freaking unbelevible that in a tactical game such as bettfield i can not comunacate without opening a chat window.

basically the bf3 pro-mod needs to be a server side option in the game meaning no DAM BLUE TINT + suppression only applying when hit, no scope glare ect

In addition some better net code would be welcome so that when your internet hiccups you dont disconect. Allso currently hit detection is client side meaning more lag = more time to die, this seems a lazy why of not putting some real lag compensation in the game like for example tf2's system

In a nutshell, when a high-latency (high-ping) player attacks, the server temporarily "rewinds" its copy of the action in order to compensate for their lag. E.G When the server receives the fire message from the Sniper, it "rewinds", finds out if you had ought to have been hit, and then deals damage.

This is an intentional engineering and design decision, a tradeoff to enhance the realism of attacks at the expense of the realism of taking damage. Were lag compensation disabled, many players would have cause to complain that they shot the enemy without inflicting any damage.


No fucking tint, they really fucked us over on that. Also Battlefield is nothing more than a cash cow for EA, all intergrity has been lost. Whatever happened to the commo rose we were promised? I'm looking forward to "buying" battlefield 4 to use as a benchmark, but I'm not interested in the multiplayer. It seems like their just devling deeper into the CoD audience side of things. Also get rid of Battlelog, it's an absolute mess. I'll stick to RO2, BFBC2 and BF3, thanks.

What I want to see if a Coop Mission Creator/Editor... playing with 2-4 friends and doing your own coop missions would be radical! I'd also like opt-in auto-party on battlelog for voice users to talk to their squadmates on PC.

DICE have confirmed that Co-Op will not be in BF4. They are (hopefully) shifting the resources to focus more on getting multiplayer right.
Also, I wouldn't hold your breath for mod tools. While I liked BF3, it is beyond any doubt that DICE and EA are going to sacrifice the traditional elements of PC FPS gaming to maximise profit. If there were fan-created content, why would anyone with a PC buy DLCs? Why waste time and money making the game competitively viable when less than 1% of the users actually give a fuck about battle recorder or LAN-ability or admin options?