BF4 Second Assault being released soon on PC?

They have released a server side update that indicates they are getting ready to add Second Assault soon. Also this morning I had a new Premium battle pack and it was a set of dog tags with the Second Assault map names.

They said they were not going to be releasing any more expansions on it until they fix the problems with the game. I don't experience any but I hear so many still complaining that they have issues playing. Personally I am looking forward to some newly encoded old maps, I can't wait to tear up the metro. 

damn i need metro so bad! if they release it i will buy premium:).

The preview of Metro looked awesome.

Once the performance gets back to how it was pre december 20th patch and I can get 60 FPS stable on ultra 1080p then i will consider getting premium, I will still probably wait till it goes on some kind of sale though.

The only time I dip below 60FPS is on a full 64 player server

I've yet to run mantle successfully. Crashes are few and far between though. Frames are okay, but nowhere near what they should be for my rig. Why Noshar Canals wasn't included in second assault is beyond me. 

i hope so bad they bring noshar canals back. many liked it, many hated it. i got a r9 270 but mantle did not work very well:(. i got extreem frame drops and 1sec blackscreens, hope they improve on drivers soon.

The Second Assault maps are Operation Metro, Gulf of Oman, Operation Firestorm and Caspian Border. Personally I think they should have done Noshar Canals instead of Gulf of Oman as it has already been redone once.

BF4 is crap. EA only allows 1 patch per expansion....

BF4 had so much potential, I like the game but it could have been so much more if EA wasn't so worried about what was going on with CoD. 

I almost play exclusively 64 player matches so i run into these FPS drops the whole time, especially on maps like siege 

I had a feeling it was coming soon

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE BF4. The only problems I have with it is the bad performance and the constant line of bad patches that make the game worse. In my opinion, release BF4 or BF4 after the first patch has the best netcode.