BF4 running on Linux?

Would BF4 run on Linux? I couldn't find the answer anywhere. A while ago, I saw a post on how to trick BF4 into thinking it was running on Windows instead of Linux, but I can't find it. And could you do that "trick" with other non-compatible Linux games? Thanks for your help.

You can use Wine to run windows programs but it is super finicky and doesn't work very well.  It isn't worth the trouble usually as long as you have a Windows box that you can use.

Wine works pretty good with older games. You can use playonlinux for Windows games, they have automated install scripts.

Another way to play any Windows game on linux without any (noticeable) performance penalties is by creating a Windows virtual machine, as described here:

I would also like to add that you don't need to input any kind of serial or other means of authentication for the Windows install.

Okay, thanks. But, I heard OS torrents are the hardest due to virus encryptions. Is that true?

I don't understand. What exactly do you mean by "the hardest"? And what do you mean  by "virus encryptions"?

If by "virus encryptions" you mean to say that torrents have viruses, that is completely false in the case of distros. The safest way to download a distro is by using a torrent, because after the torrent is finished downloading, the client will automatically check the authenticity of the file, making sure it is identical to the original and it wasn't in someway modified during the transfer.

If you are talking about the cryptolocker virus, that encrypts your data and holds it for ransom, that doesn't work on linux.

EDIT: the above method can be a bit difficult for beginners, keep that in mind if you decide to try it.

Someone told me that OS torrents were the hardest, and to be careful because of virus encryptions. I want Windows, but don't want to drop $20 on an optical drive, and $100 on a Windows 7 CD. So, I remembered torrents could solve that. "If you are talking about the cryptolocker virus, that encrypts your data and holds it for ransom, that doesn't work on linux." Well, I would use Ubuntu, which is free. So what is the use of an Ubuntu torrent? I'm talking about if I went or TPB or Kick-Ass torrents for an OS, then would it come with a shit ton of viruses? And the reason I don't want to buy an optical drive or Windows 7 is because it would be more than I can afford.

OHHH, well I meant that I would want Windows for all the games that it can play, but I don't want to buy it. That's where torrents come in. I got this Forum post confused with another one of mine.



Oooh, I see what you mean.

You don't need to go to kickasstorrents to download a distro torrent. You will find the torrent with the OS on the distro's main page.

For Ubuntu you can find the torrent here (under bittorrent):

Basicly he wants windows for free and is scared that if he pirates it there is a risk of a virus being imbeded in the torrent which isnt unlikely. However I do not know where he got the origional idea of encrypted viruses. 

Oh, if you want Windows for free there are sites which host a trial version of Windows that expires in a few months. By expire I mean that you get a message saying something like "This is not a genuine copy of Windows" and you cannot set your wallpaper. I think this works:

If you really want to fool it into thinking it's genuine then search for Windows loader by Daz.

In all honesty, you shouldn't bother activating Windows. You can game on an non-activated copy of Windows, and just use linux for everything else, you'll be more happy this way.

I've heard lies about torrents having viruses before, I assume these are being spread by the media companies which are so terrified of DRM-free content. Morons.

There are torrents with viruses and it can be hard to check it since most cracks or patches to work around DRM are flagged as viruses a lot of the time even when they're not. Read the comments and download from reputable uploaders, on TPB these have a different colored skull.


I'll admit that my windows is pirated, has no viruses, and works just fine.

TPB is being watched by CGHQ and the NSA, btw.