BF4 running bad

I am running a 7850k with no gpu, and i am running it with a 1650x1050 monitor at 720p. At the lowest settings i only get 20 fps, can you help me. I'm running with 8 gigs of ddr3 2133.

I imagine it should be running better than that, but not too much. are anti-aislising and anisotropic filtering turned down all the way? Also keep in mind that Bf4 is a very difficult game to run and the 7850k isn't going to handle games like that very well. even mid-range dedicated gpus have difficulties with titles like bf4. make sure you turn down everything. textures, lighting, particles. There is a lot more than just the resolution that can strain your apu

It is at low preset and i turned it on to mantle and got 28 fps, which is fine but it is really laggy and i am wired to a 30 meg connection.


I think it's just BF4. I have an Athlon X4 750k @ 4.1 Ghz and a 7850 OC'd to 1070 Mhz. At 1050x1680 on all LOW settings I average about 40fps and drop to the 20fps range sometimes. BF4 is the only game I have that drops that low. 

Good luck


you need a dedicated GPU realy. ☺ GTX760 or R9-270 (x) to start with..

you need to upgrade your ram to 2400 mega hurtz

I don't have the money because i am getting this case. It's expensive but i don't want to upgrade for a while.

the game i wana play runs like crap but at least my case looks good! dont be a poser bro.

I'm probly going to sell my airsoft gun and buy a r7 250x or r7 260.