BF4 key for trade for other games

I already have bf4 and found out you can get bf4 for free with your gpu and bought bf4 anyways. Chuck games down below to offer me for it ends tomorrow after this is posted.


Wants: Witcher 2 with another game or JRPG or JRPG it. GAMES FINAL FANTASY NOT WANTED. Also any fps games that entice me pref ably with w



I will also need your steam account name and its Display picture if there are multiple of the same one so that i can add you momentarilyPM you i will also need your honesty since im gonna give you the cd key first for the games then if it works you give me the cd key for the games that you offer


PS. I live in australia and ill will be on teksynicate at around 6pm probably earlier at like 4 if i dont forget. My steam name is Eipchacks and the Troll face meme and a saying that i dont hack if you view my profile.


ALSO ANY RPG GAMES are like the old final fantasy games 4/5/6

I am willing to trade Witcher 2, Steam name is Daxx367 (Only one on steam last I checked) message me if you are interested and I will get it to you.


M8 add me on steam Have witcher and other games if you'd like to trade. id/dragansep