BF4 Help

Help me guys. I'm considering abandoning my PC due to issues gaming. Watch Dogs on PC is a nightmare, but BF4 is really where I can't seem to get any help anywhere. I tried asking around on Battlelog but to no avail. 

So here it is:

Every time I try to connect into a server, one of a couple things happen: 
- I'm disconnected before I can even get in game. 
- I'm disconnected a few seconds after 
- I'm connected for several minutes (laggy ones for that matter) before being kicked 
- Occasionally I magically stay in a server for a while w/o problems 

Usually I get A PnkBstr B communication failure, but sometimes it's different (like just "something went wrong"). I've tried all the standard Punkbuster advice (going into Services and making sure A and B are running automatically, going into F: -> Program Files (x86) -> Origin Games -> Battlefield 4 -> _Installer -> punkbuster -> redist -> pbsvc, etc.) 

If I can't fix this I'll have to get BFH on my XBONE.

I had similar issue and was due to needing to open ports:

Never hurts to run a ping test as well:   (I get 0% loss,  15ms ping and 0ms jitter)

maybe try to reinstall/update punkbuster ?

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