BF4 GTX680 Huge Fps drops

Been trying to play BF4 MP, and i keep getting huge fps drops that render the game unplayable, it will be running at around 60-80fps and then outta nowhere drop to 1fps for a few seconds then back up to 60  i have tried changing the resolution,video settings, new drivers    anyone know if theres anyway to fix this?


3570k @ 4.6ghz

8gb ddr3 1600mhz


I personally have only had drops of about 10-15 frames and it is on particular maps. However I did fix the problem by doing a clean install of my drivers and BF4.

Same bug as with cod ghosts?

Change the process priority in the task manager and see what happens.

It may have something to do with core parking. See if this fixes it for you.  

It would be nice to know the root cause of issues for some and none for others. I for example I have a somewhat similar setup. 3770k 16GB's Ram, 680 Classified "thats the 4GB model from Evga if you didnt know. but Have not had any fps problems as such.


Before you mess with your core parking I would check to see if any of them are even parked while your game is running, you can check it with the windows resource monitor, if any cores are parked while the game is running it will visually show you they are by saying "Parked" next to the core.