bf4 glitching

so i have been experiencing some issues with bf4 recently that are just impossible to ignore. for the past week, whenever i play, my game freezes for a split second every 10-20 seconds. it has seriously affected my ability to play the game competently and i cant get my head around the problem. here are my specs

btw i have tried bf4 with mantle and directX11 and the glitch still happens

intel core i5 4440

asrock h81m hds

FSP group raider 550W PSU

1TB western digital caviar blue HDD

sapphire R9 270X dual x

corsair air 240

with windows 8.1 pro

thanks for all the help in advance :D

Did you try turning it off and on?

How are your temps while playing?

I had that issue and I used msi afterburner and my i7-4790k was hitting the low 90s c in bf4. I sent it back for a replacement and bought a h100i just in case.

thanks guys

my temps seem fine... anything else you think could be causing it??

I had a similar issue.. Check your RAM usage

the real issue here is the terrible optimization of the frostbite engine.

it runs differently for a vast range of different machines and operating systems.

i've been playing BF series since BF 1942 and i have to say, as soon as the frostbite engine came out, the PC player base neglect came with it.

now that BF is considered a AAA title, mod support is gone. custom maps are gone.

both of which is what made 1942 last 10 years and BF2 is still going strong.

EA is evil, even if we don't buy their products they won't get the message, they just push more crap content like telling all the devs to put easter eggs all over the games instead of solid content.

How is your performance in other games?