BF4 Freezing after upgrading GPU

System specs

i5 4670k @ 4.6hz // 780 TI classified SLI // 16gb DDR3 1600 // Asus maximus VI formula // corsair AX860

I recently upgraded from a gtx670 4gb to 2 780 TI classified. This is my first experience with sli. The cards are not overclocked right now. I've been having freezing issues mainly with battlefield4. It occurs randomly. Once it happened about 4 times in a 2+ hour session. On the other hand it froze twice back to back. It freezes for about 5-10 seconds.

I also tried tomb raider and after about 30 minutes it froze my entire system and I had to hard reset. I tried disabling SLI and it still froze in battlefield.

I'd also like to state that before installing the new cards I didnt uninstall my drivers or anything(I asked about this on a few forums and was told it would be fine, that GEforce experience would just sort it out on its own). Someone mentioned that I just may have a defective card.

Go and uninstall old drivers. 

Use one 780 ti for now. Restart. Redownload abd reinstall the newest stable or beta (whichever one you want) then check if it works before adding the second card.

Ok first Battlefield 4 is a pile of turd. I have a 780 and I get direcx crashes and game freezes all the time. I have stopped playing it. 

As for tomb raider which is the most awesome game in a long time turn off tessellation and it shouldnt crash thats what happened for me. Its something to do with nvidia and the game. and to be fair I couldnt see that much of a difference.

Also SLI/xFire can cause additional issues

Yea im aware of the issues with BF4, but I had NONE of whats going on now until I swapped cards. Ill try re installing drivers and testing one card at a time. Ill also try turning off tesselation

BF4 has just been a giant pain in the ass for me. Tomb raider should be fine without tesselation. Lemme know how it goes. If you get BF4 going again id like to play too ;p