bf4 crashing and i cant figure out why

my pc specs are on my profile but my gpu is a sapphire 7970Ghz and i have the latest gpu drivers (13.11) also my motherboard drivers are up to date.

-What has been happening is i will join a game and every thing will be working fine and about 10-20 minutes into my session the game will freeze. The only way i can get out is ctrl +alt delete i cant alt tab, and i was wondering if anyone else is having this issue because it is quite annoying.

thank you,


any overclocks on the card?

ive put the card down to its stock clock i usually run at 1305MHz


its been crashing at stock or have you done any tests at stock yet? i had a problem with my oc crashing it after about 30 minutes in bf4.

yeah i have already tested it at stock sames thing


Its a useless pice of s***....there is a new masive fix comeing for dec 2 and even when it works you get this...good job DICE!

And its a dubble XP weekend so gess what? yep none of there servers have been working for the last 50mins...

Your game is crashing because EA rushed the game out to beat CoD, and get it on the last gen consoles so it's not really finished.

You're better off waiting a few months the game is in a harsh state right now. The new patch coming tomorrow only fixes 5 issues out of a community like of around 200. 

Try reinstalling punkbuster. Worked for me for my crashes,