bf4 beta preload

 what do you think of bf4 and why does Logan hate origin so much I mean I don't see him complaining that there are certain games which are only on steam like counter strike or team fortress 2.

Dident think it was out antill (oct 1st) for pre orders,and gold members

Beta isn't out until Tuesday.

Origin is currently as crappy as steam was when it first released.

the beta is not yet out, it's just available for preload. The beta starts on october 1st.

I don't think Logan's hatred of Origin stems from exclusives. If he hates it for the same reasons as I then it's because of EA's ridiculous DRM strategies. Not only with Simcity but with Battlefield as well, you can be permanently banned and lose all your games just for installing a mod which gets rid of the blue-tint which should never have been put in anyway.

Really, a mod that just changes how a game looks. Now I see why he doesn't like origin.

Origin+EA=shit  but they still have the capability to make good games like battlefield they just try to ruin it with origin and other stupid shit they do....

I just feel like Origin is just completely unnecessary (along with other software like uplay), not only is it inferior to Steam it's not as reliable or as fast. I know competition is good but I trust Valve and I would rather all my games be on one piece of software not spread across different companies. 

Why is it in the middle of the week?! Might miss out just because of work...