BF4 anyone?

I just bought BF4 today on GamersGate for 30 bucks, anyone wanna play? My Origin is DWotSP45. Im only level 2 as of now.

I wouldn't play it if someone gave it to me for free...BF3, or BF2142 on the other hand...can we get people to play BF2142?

I was looking for my 2142 install disc...seems to be missing. Id buy it again just to play it for a night of other people would play it too.

I have it on origin, but nobody to play with lol

Seriously BF4 is freaking sweet, a lot like BFBC2, destruction is back in a big way and Air Superiority with 32 jets flying every which way is fun as hell.  Yes I know there are still bugs and stuff but it has come a long way since launch. 

im also loving it.

im playing a lot of Sniper only atm. it is really fun!

also love some of the infantry only maps.

I can't be bothered to play BF4 after 200 hours of BF3.

The game is broken beyond repair, the community is absolutely horrible and it doesn't look too well for the future. The core game mechanics, like the hitregistration, just don't work, there are dozens of gamebreaking bugs and the devs seem like they lack the manpower to do anything against it. They've failed miserably in creating a working shooter, the game is bloated with gimmicks and unnecessary "features" and balance is still horrible. To cap it all off they made the game extremely "beginners friendly", lowering the skill ceiling and basically punishing you for trying to do well in the game.

BF4 is a horrible, horrible game. It has absolutely nothing going for it except for pretty graphics and good sound design, but frankly that doesn't make a game. Gameplay does and BF4 fails to deliver when it comes to gameplay on all possible levels.

I'll be able to play next week (atm i only have internet sharing from my phone, which is slow as hell) 

There is a TekSyndicate platoon.

I agree. It's not the pinnacle of FPS games. The gunplay should have been top consideration. However, it is still fun to play.

I do prefer games that reward the player's skill level, I do prefer to be quite daring. In BF4 you simply cannot rely on twitch reflexes, you have to play it differently. I've got little problem with that. But what pisses me off is the inclusion of 1. commanders 2. loads of splash damage weapons like the XM25

Ill play


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You have to play BF4 differently, you can't run and gun all the time and you can't rely on twitch reflexes. I would be totally fine with that if it wasn't for one thing: It is not intentional. The game, if it had proper hitreg, would be playable as a run and gun shooter and you could rely on your twitch reflexes without a problem. But in its current state you can't do that because the game mechanics are broken. I don't want to fight against the game mechanics, I want to fight against other people. The whole game is just so inconsistent when it comes to the gunplay that it is ultimately a frustrating experience. Being a "veteran" of pretty much all BF games I can't understand how anyone can accept this game and have fun with it. It fails as a battlefield game and it fails even harder as a simple FPS game. I feel cheated whenever I try to play this game, and I'm not playing an online shooter to get fucked over by the game.

Sorry for the rant, but BF4 has ruined an awesome franchise for me and is a prime example of a wonderful game getting milked to death by a large company.

what is your bf screen name?

i was looking for that :)

I agree, it is not the game it should be, and let's hope that they continue to "fix" it.

I find it playable, I perform well in most rounds. Additionally, I didn't pay too much for it. I can imagine that people who pre-ordered the game with premium feel much more cheated. But because I perform well, I can forgive its flaws loool. It's not my preferred FPS. Rising Storm/RO2 is much better. Though, still buggy as hell.

I'm more excited for the real BF, Battle Front 3, please EA don't fuck this up.

Ok, I changed my mind. The community sucks. They care more about sniping, mortars, and levelution more than they care about playing the game. Nobody uses guns, only splash damage weapons. Nobody revives. maybe it is due to the influx of noobs following the recent sales...

I played a few rounds today and got a reasonable KD 2+ usually. But it is so infuriating that nobody knows how to maneuver different maps to counter the enemy. ANNOYING. Forever spawn locked by dickheads.

This is why it's generally more fun to play with a squad of people you know that are halfway decent. I never do that myself though, none of my friends play BF4 and I haven't really found anyone to play with.

I just fart about on BF4 its not a serious game

if we can get a group of people on here from Tek Syndicate to play BF2142, I will totally get back into that game.