bf4 and memory speed

Can somebody who has access to bf4 and high speed ram try to replicate this to see if it holds true?

On first observation I would put it down to marketing bollocks from corsair but still, i would like to see it tested.

I doubt this very much. It's more like a marketing strategy since RAM is really overpriced right now and I'm guessing they are losing sales.

on linus's livestream the other day they had a guest from corsair, he mentioned something about that, said it didn't really make any sense but it was true, linus said he'd test on release (not that that means he actually will) i'm sure they have tons of benchmarking do do with bf4 so if it happens it might be awhile

ummm... if you have the right mobo and use XMP you can always OC your 1600/1866 MHz up to 2133...   91 to 112 fps (22-23% so his test states) eh... im sure you can accomplish near the same thing in gameplay at 2133MHz... maybe not 112 fps but maybe at least 100-108? but who knows til' we do our own benchmarks/gameplay... but yea definitely looks like a marketing scheme to sell the newer high priced ram lol

silicon lottery. Not all ram can OC that well. I can't personally get my 1866 to go to 2133 without being unstable

NJM, could be timing issues. I know that my RAM is pretty great in terms of stability - it doesn't really care what I throw at it 2133mHz CL8, 1600mHz CL5 (barely passed MemTest), etc. Just try tweaking the timings, and you can get low CL, but keep your frequency pretty high.

I've messed with timings and voltages but nothing 'fine-tuned' it may be able to get to 2133 but i don't care enough to try.

hmmmmmm, perhaps another reason for me to upgrade to a Asus Crosshair V Formula Z eh?