BF3 tonight?

anyone wanna play some battlefield 3 tonight? I just made the switch from xbox so im pretty shit at the mouse and keyboard atm, my K/D kind of sucks right now because of that but I play the objective.

leave a message hear if you wanna play

Origin: EnderTS

Skype: therearetoomanyskypers


Edit: changed origin ID shouldn't matter for those that have already added me but for those who still wanna play/ find someone to play with consistently then that is what you should search for. 

Sorry that i did not have you added before. We can play tonight if you can make it.


yeah I can play tonight

Good! See you there.

Hey I know this is a bit old but I'm looking for people to play BF3 with. I also just got the game. Origin account: Fallingrock95

I will be gaming tonight on it. Let's do this.

I'll be on tonight as well, falling rock you should add me on skype aswell 

I just got the game too. Add me: hunter8793

I will add you Bean. Been looking for someone to play with.  Origin: Pandiiies