BF3-it is just me?

Hello there,

friend recently conviced me to get BF3. I play PC games for over a decade but there is something I have never experienced before. I dont know if its just me but I cant play this game for over a 30 min because it hurts my eyes a lot. This is first game in which I experience this problem. I dont know if its because of that 'blue tint' I have read about but I would like to know if there is some way how to change the .... I dont know if its lighting of the game or colors. I just cant see who is shooting at me if he is right before my eyes about 10 meters far. When I play BF3 I feel like I am playing FPS first time in my life. I just keep dying uncapable of doing anything because I cant see anything.

I mean.. I play FPS games a lot (Counter Strike, ARMA, Serious Sam, Far Cry, etc...) and I am prety good at them. I am just so confused about this. Any advice whats wrong?

(Sorry for my english. I am not native speaker.)

I bought bf3. played it for a week. then got bored and unnistalled it. I could never get into that game. This is just my personal opinion but bf3 to me seems like a subpar shooter with lots of layers of candy and photoshop to make it look amazing so people will play it and overlook that bad design decisions and subpar gameplay etc. But that only lastes so long. This was just my oponion and what happened to me. Maybe i just dont like these type of shooters. i have always been a fan of quake. unreal tournament goldeneye,, etc so this one just did not appeal to me. But i hope you can figure out whats wrong and get better.

Great game its just u guys, i love it :)

It definitely does have a blue tint over it, but you'll probably get used to it after a while. Play around with the graphics settings.

Also try playing Conquest Large matches, they're basically Capture and Hold the Flag type of matches. The maps are much bigger than in Deathmatch and there are vehicles. Maybe you'll get the hang of the game in those matches.

I managed to edit "enlightment" in MyDocuments/BF3/Profile and changed value to 0.. its slightly beter but ill see how will it be when i get new PC. Right now i play on LOW setting so I cant play much with graphic settings. I play only Conquest maps.

Will see. Thanks for reply anyway.