BF3 gives low fps

hi all


i recently built a new pc and installed BF3 on it, 

i thought i should run it at ultra with no breakups but nope

i really think my pc can handle it

here are the specs

intel i7 4770K

gigabyte GTX 770 windforce 3X

gigabyte UD4H


WD green 1TB



What are your settings on BF3? any overclocks? What are your actual frame-rates?

I know when I first started out, I was getting about 40 FPS, which is perfectly playable, but once combined with a 100ms+ latency/ping, it felt like 20fps.

well , when i first played bf my cpu was OC'ed to 4.2 GHz, but i got BSOD's all the time so i removed it.

im playing on a 1080p monitor

and i get about 25 fps and drops to 17, while playing a server with ping 32 :(

Lower MSAA to 2X and lower Ambient Occlusion one step and you should see a large increase in FPS

I can get better fps than that with a hd7850 maxed out there is definitely something wrong there have you installed the newset driver for your video card? 

And made shure you have all the windows updates (it can take several reboots and updates to fully update windows)

what lunarus said.

your cpu just isn't quite up to it methinks. according to anandtech, with a 770, you should be getting over 60fps, with 4x msaa....

I know I get at least 60fps with an [email protected] and [email protected]

Oh forgot to mention Hyperthreading slows down BF3 too and a good idea would be to get MSI afterburner and HWinfo, set up HWinfo so it shows the usuage on your threads and see if your GPU or CPU are at 100%

CPU's don't get much faster than the Core i7, especially for the 4770k. I'm clearly GPU bottlenecked, with my GPU at 100% getting about 70FPS on low-ish settings with a stock clocked 2500k (ambient temps too hot for OC). Unless the CPU is seriously throttling, I highly doubt it's the CPU.

Actually, in speaking of throttling, what are the temps for the CPU and/or GPU?

my cpu and gpu never go hotter than 50 c

Resolution? The higher your resolution, the more of a performance hit you take. A 4770k can handle BF3 No problem. Commissar dosent know what hes talking about. 

Im currently running 1080p with a q9550 and GTX 560 on Ultra and get a solid 40 FPS with dips to 20 with explosions. CPU bottleneck. My new Mobo blew lol so I cant show my 4770k benchmark. Anyway. Check drivers. Uninstall Graphics drivers and install from Nvidia's site to make sure. Windows updates automatically and it can cause issues. Worst comes to worst, Grab another hdd, any old one and reinstall windows on it just for tests. Manually install all necessities and BF3 and test. If performance is better then reinstal windows. If not try checking K Boost and see how it goes. And check your overclock. May have it set to not go over 50 degrees or something.

Never heard of that before. Not that I doubt you, but how big is the performance hit? 

you're right, 4770k should handle it fine, normally. I think I just didn't read the post.

however, "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"

so, we must start to eliminate what we can....

drivers are here:

last release was july 1st. the release notes show maybe 5-10% improvement.....

Could you just be lagging?

someone else has a similar setup, and the same issue in splinter cell...

actually, the 770 is apparently having problems. it's getting shit-terrible FPS on low settings in many, many games... I think nvidia borked something.


Looked into more recent posts on battlelog, the hyperthreading issue was fixed a little while ago.

One article I saw online was wondering about ram. Is your ram running at the right speed/ registering correctly?