bf3 directx error

OK so for the last couple of days bf3 has keep crashing and it said it was a directx error. Every time I join a match I get all sorts of graphical glitches like a bunch of black lines all over the screen that pop in and out in different places, green and blue lights, texture pop in ect. First thing I tried was disabling sli and that worked for a little bit but then the problem came back. I've tried using several different geforece drivers but it still crashes to desktop and when it does crash to desktop it first turns black then I see my desktop if I don't hit the windows key and enable a shut down it just freezes, I cancel the shut down. Also when ever enable or disable sli and then restart my PC because that's required it just freezes and what I see when it freezes is just my wall paper and nothing else. Does anybody know what the problem is and have any advice on how to fix this issue.

Have you tryed droping your overclocks on the video cards.