BF-4 premium Keys 4 sale


Anybody interested in a  Battlefield 4 Premium key? Well I have a ton(just bought 12 r9 280x-s, them Windforce ones). So PM me. Price for one is 30 euros.

Edit: As demand is so high, the price is now fixed at 30 euros. All transactions to paypal.

You bought 12 of them for mining? No wonder the prices have skyrocketed. Btw, read the rules before the mods lock this thread.

Would you be willing to trade games for the premium code?

Emm... Have read them. Don't actually understand what you have in mind. I have codes left over, want to sell them. Thats all. 


Sorry but no. Only currency.


2 keys left. 

Photos of all of the items being offered, with physical evidence of your TekSyndicate username, are required for all sales.

Im getting a thief steam key from AMD on the 25th. trade that for premium key?