Beyond Ryzen / TR - Let's design AMD's next CPU

With third gen Threadripper, we’ll see better IPC and a few improvements supporting the latest technology, but half the cores will still be limited in the way they are forced to indirectly access RAM.

Direct core access to RAM will certainly speed up future generations of AMD CPU’s, but what other elements are needed - or - what shortcomings need to be addressed, in order to maximize performance on future 64+ core count CPUs?

Direct core access is not needed.

They just need to keep the IO on it’s own die.

The latency there is fairly impressive.

Direct core access to RAM is unlikely to come back on the high core count chips.

AMD is the king right now. Hard to say for sure.

We need more memory channels or faster memory, because the CPU simply can’t get data fast enough in some workloads.

Might be nice for AMD to provide something similar to AVX that Intel has.

There are also rumors that AMD is doing something unique with the next gen Threadripper, so I’m excited to see what that might be.

Rumors are small Navi dies on the package, but that sounds pretty out there.

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They do don’t they, I mean not their own but they can run AVX workloads and they are getting Very good at it too.

I think it is only 128bit native but can combine it for 256 and 512.

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That’s a good point, I meant more of 256/512 though. Intel holding out in that last metric.

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The amazing part there is that it is apparently only about 20% behind on Ryzen for 256bit. Considering it is lower clocks, IPC, better performance per watt and
while having to add 128bit outputs… Damn, Intel are holding out but holding out like they are slipping off a cliff and their fingernails are the last thing holding them.

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8 Channel memory I think latency is a problem that will be halfed on the next node when they are able to have the space. But we could see optimization on scheduling processes for Threadripper.