Between these two CPUs

Which one is better for gaming WITHOUT overclocking? I'm assuming that the i7 is better or the performance may also be negligible.

the 2600k is a better performer, but they are pretty much on par in most tests.

idk but what would make a difference gaming is putting that 50 dollars in a graphics card.

The 2600K performs better, but there's really no point in getting an i7 if you're just going to be gaming. Get the i5 and put the extra money into the graphics card.

If you're planning on going with integrated graphics, then the i5 would be better for gaming because it has a stronger graphics core, but I would urge you to get a dedicated graphics card.

Why wouldn't you overclock?

Because there is no need to in the 3+ GHz range and I don't like having to buy extra cooling hardware nor do I like liquid cooling. It's just a personel preference is all.

gaming gor for 2600k and rendering go for the other one hands down. 

I'd say they're both the same since games don't really use hyper threading anyways (do correct me if I'm wrong :D).

Also isn't Ivy like 5% faster than SB? Like someone said already put the extra $$ towards the GPU or something ;) i5 3570K will do the job very well.