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Better temps case closed, ideal case

Airflow over components is better than still ambient air, right? So having case closed should ideally perform better, if I understood right.

As long as there’s enough airflow. I think ppl that run with them open have a big fan (like a home fan) blowing into it?

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It depends on the case, it depends on the setup, it depends on the fans…
For example, a top mounted AIO will give you lower thermals with case opened, cause it will draw fresh cold air from outside, instead of the warm air from the other components.
On the other side open case will most likely destroy the airflow so the motherboard may be warmer, maybe the SSDs may be warmer…
Honestly, I would say keep your case closed if nothing else - for the dust.
If you have balanced enough airflow - keep your case closed and it should be all fine.


ideally if the airflow in the case is not restricted with the case closed the case temp should be cooler than the ambient air temp.
consider the typical psu : The cooling fan is situated to exhaust heat from the system
many factory installed case fans are also situated this way. but if the air intake is not sufficient the fans run faster under negative pressure and are not efficiently cooling the system.
many servers are equipped with extra cooling fans cooling off the drives.
Its important to match the air intake as closely as possible with the exhaust
and can be accomplished by switching the orientation of the case fans if needed.
as psycho_666 said balanced enough airflow- keep your case closed.

water cooled systems while may be great for cpu and gpu cooling often leave out cooling other components.(memory, hdd, sdd, and motherboard components)
anything that resists current flow produces heat as a waste product and that can build up and cause damage.
carefully keeping system clean of dust buildup reduces heat issues significantly.
but that means regular maintenance to which many people do not learn until its too late.

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High, HAF XB Evo, yall shut it

Could you elaborate on your argument a bit?

Why have a case that needs good front to back airflow when you could maximize airflow and have residual heat thats floating around the case just blow away into nothing.

Actually that goes for all HAF cases, its just the XBE is the best one I’ve used thusfar.