Better switches?

What's better for someone who's coming over to a mech board brown or blue. what would i like better?

It's your choice ultimately. MX Brown has a slightly lower actuation force (45g I believe? I think MX Blue is 50g) and it doesn't have the clicky sound MX Blue has. There are some people complaining about double-tapping not registering with MX Blue. I don't have a problem with it so it varies from person to person.

I own a Filco Majestouch Black with Cherry MX Blues (this was purchased in Japan. It's simply a Japanese variant of the Filco Majestouch Ninja that Diatec decided to make) just in case you wanted to know.

Some say MX Blue has the actuation force pretty similar to the average rubber dome keyboard. I don't really notice that because the click and the tactile bump are an amazing combination that I just can't ignore.

Yes i know it's all up to preference however i've never used a mech board before and i want to know what is better FOR A BEGINNER plz.