Better PSU for overclocking laptop?

If I swap my 90W PSU for a 120W one, will I be able to fully overclock my laptop?

I have i7 3630QM with 2.4Ghz stock clock, I'm runing it at 3.2GHz which is the max turbo frequency and quite possibly the top that this CPU can handle. But the GPU (7670M, 2GB GDDR3) on the other hand I can overclock from 600/900MHz to only 780/1070MHz without crashing, while max rated OC is 780/1170. I can even OC it to 850/900 or 800/1000, but it seems that it just needs more juice, so if I buy a new PSU will I be able to achieve the ridiculous OC?

My current PSU is 90W, 19V, 4.74A, I reckon that I need a 120W, 19V, 6.3A. Or am I wrong and the GPU is power-locked and there is no way it'll use more power?

can you change the voltage on your  GPU?

i guess that's what you mean by power lock and if you mean voltage lock, there isnt much higher you can go other than trying to further cool your components.

I can't change voltage, in fact it's not an option on 99% of laptops.

My GPU gets 56°C on max load, so the heat isn't a problem. The GPU crashes even when I underclock my CPU to give it more power, that's why I'm concerned about the voltage lock, but I know voltage control is daynamic as far as I have gone.