Better GPU or SSD?

So just finishing up some finals things for my build here. I have come to a problem though. For my budget I can either go 1TB HDD + 128GB SSd + 7950 twin froze OC from MSI. Or I can go 1TB HDD and 680 OC Twin Froze from msi. I'm kinda at an impass. I kinda want to go with the 680 OC just becasue that thing will be great for at least 2 more years. But everyone always says to get an SSD. Problem is I have never really been bothered by load times. So would maybe having a beter GPU be a better investment?

Just go 1tb + 64gb SSD + 7970, 7970 beats 680 and for cheaper, with the cost you make up you can get a small cheap SSD that'll go good for Windows and a few games.

If you are going to be gaming a lot, grab the better GPU. SSDs do not help with games, so you don't need one. Everyone keeps saying grab SSDs because they are the future. They will speed up your system in just about every other way other than gaming. If you want a faster system, SSD, better gaming, GPU. 

along with captain pip, the 7970 has 3GB of Vram vs the 680s 2GB

the 3GB might come in handy depending on what you're doing

But i would definetly put money into an ssd.