Better Fans

Hey so I'm looking for better fans for my corsair H80i. I find the stock fans can get to noisy when im gaming or have it on performance mode in corsair link. So does anyone know any fans that are really quite but will still give me good air flow to the rad?



Any noctuas? Or one type in particular? 

I have put ultrakazes 3000 on my h80i, muhaha. I haven't seen my 8350 temps drop so fast before.

But no, They are not quiet. At all.

Considering the last video about noctuas from the tek, yes, Noctuas. Go take a look at that video!

Logan recommended the ones they showed off in the video. I think. Cant remember the model, but those are nice. Ugly as all Hell, though.

Go for the Noctua NF-F12 fans. Those are going to be best for radiators and heatsinks. You might also want to consider some Scythe Gentle Typhoons. The 1850RPM version is comparable to the Noctua NF-F12, and the 2150RPM version I think performs slightly better. Gentle Typhoons can be pretty hard to find in general. You should be able to find some after some digging though.

Another alternative would be the Corsair SP120 Quiet Edition, but I think it performs slightly worse than the Noctua. 

The absolute best scenario would be to get the Corsair SP120 Performance Edition and hook it up to a fan controller. Supposedly it performs much better than any of the fans I've mentioned and is nearly as quiet at a certain RPM.