Better cpu or gpu

hey im finaly got my buget for my new gaming pc and i waunt to know if i should get a better cpu or gpu the games that im going to run are starcraft 2(cpu intensif)  crysis 1 warhead 2 and 3 (gpu intensif)...  what is better to get and any recomendation thing to change to the spec to recomend

im trying to spend between 600$ to 770$ mabie higher if need it

any sugestion is apreciated tansk

That's quite fine for your games if that's what you're getting

I mean I could be wrong on the SC2 part, but I'm sure it should be fine.

you'll get about 40FPS, you'll need to overclock the CPU or get a intel ivy chip and mobo


are there any other recomendation


That build will be able to handle what you want to play just fine. If you want to you could get a better processor and still be within your budget, but your current one is good enough.

I think the build you have is pretty good, though I would probably try to get money enough for something like an AMD FX6200.. 

if you are willing to use a little more money then you could also get a i5 3470k.. unless you havent listed everything you need in the PCpartpicker link..

If you have the money, switch the cpu to either an FX-4300, or an FX-6300. Otherwise, your build looks great. :)