Better annoymous browser than Tor

Hi, so I have heard that Tor is no longer secure or anonymous, and would like to know if there is a better one that works properly.

Getting a VPN, or renting a server and setting up your own VPN server.

Yeah I was considering that, thanks.

The thing is there are other networks like TOR, but TOR is the fastest and most popular of the bunch. So while there are exploits that CAN de-anonomize people due to as an example the large surveillance net across access points NSA, GCHQ, etc can sometimes catch both the beginning and the exit node and uncover who you are. Or the fact 1024 RSA is crackable, etc.

Despite this TOR remains a good choice for the majority of uses except for extreme cases. Next best thing I suppose is using something such as GNUzilla or hardening your own firefox (additionally ublock, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScipt, Random Agent Spoofer) along with using a VPN from a privacy and security concious provider such as CryptoStorm

Not sure OP, not sure. On a side note, it seems like every .onion link I encounter on the clearnet is down. I wonder why...

Yeah, ok, I'll look into them, thanks