Bethesda's New Review Policy - Review Copies Released Only 1 Day Before Release

tl;dr Bethesda will now only release copies of games a day before they release. Why? Because they want you to impulsively buy the game before a reviewer has the change to warn you about it.


If people don't want to spoil the game, they just simply wouldn't watch any reviews / playthroughs on youtube prior to the game's release anyway. But a good amount of people, myself included wanna see what's in store for me. It'll be what determines if i shall pre-order, or whether i buy the game at all.

This new policy is daft imo.

Bethesda just lost another reputation point.

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They just keep on digging

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Doesn't mean i won't get the Jack Sparrow edition though. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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At least they make good games

They make the same game, albeit with each iteration make it dumber and simpler for the console audience.


For now, and honestly I haven't been impressed as of late. Fallout 4 was pretty disappointing.


Wolfenstein, Evil within, elder scrolls legends, fallout shelter, skyrim SE

But yeah, tastes aren't to be discussed

Bethesda is the new EA.

The absolute vast majority of games aren't worth playing on launch anyway. For reasons of quality and pricing. The prices drop rapidly these days. Why pay $60 when you can wait a month or two and get it patched up for 50% less?

I'm impatient. lol