Beta give aways

There is currently a beta going on for an online create mode in LittleBigPlanet, I was pretty sad when I didnt get in but then thought 'oh well its just the beta' but now they've shown images of some really cool free exclusive DLC for the beta testers, which has made me (and everyone else who didnt get in) either sad or angry (or both)

Just wondering if there were any other game betas with exclusive content for the testers and I'm wondering what your opinions are on the matter?

Wrong section. LittleBigPlanet belongs with consolefag section. :p

Regarding the second part however - I don't think this happens much with PC games, they generally wipe everything and everyone starts from scratch.

My bad, must have clicked on the wrong forum to start with. Can the mods move this to Consoles by any chance?