Best Workstation Mobo for Corsair 540 Case?


I want a motherboard adequate for 3D rendering and gaming

I really wanted the Asus P9X79-E WS because of it's features and good reviews by Linus & Logan BUT apparently it's not compatible with the Corsair 540 Case. (Pc picker says it's incompatible) I like this case because of it's airflow and size.

Is there a Workstation Mobo like the P9X79-E WS that is compatible with 540 case? Here are my Pc parts to get some context of my future build:

It's odd that this case would not support SSI CEB motherboards

Thanks. :)



I just found Logan's Corsair 540 Case reviewHe confirms in the specs list that SSI CEB motherboards are compatible.

It would be great to know if anyone has fitted an Asus P9X79-E WS mobo into a 540 and share any problems they had, if any!



P9X79-E is by far the best WS mobo on the market. If you can make it fit, Get it. There are alternatives but they are z87 and z97 so no 6 core i7.

Hey thanks again anon. Good point. I'm finally making the purchase

I have a Z87-WS but wish I picked up the P9X79WS. I just didnt want to buy a 3930k knowing the 4930k was around the corner and got sick of witing 1 month before release.

Good luck on the build.