Best wireless repeater under 70$?

I'm looking for a good wireless b/g/n repeater to go with my D Link DIR-605L home router. Link:

I've come across the Linksys RE1000 which is a fairly old(?) repeater. Link:

I'm new to networking and don't know if the two devices would be perfectly compatible but I feel they should work just fine together. Can someone suggest me any other routers in this price range that have good range and speed? I'm using this for my home Wi-Fi.

What would be better is using an access point (like the ones from Ubiquiti) and running an Ethernet cable to your router. Wireless repeaters tend to be less reliable and slower...

The one I gave a link for is an extender(?). Is that different from a repeater? I'm a total noob at this.

The common WiFi device types are:

Router-this is not a true device, its an access point and a switch and a wired router all in one

Access point-this has an Ethernet jack, and takes Ethernet and allows people to connect to that Ethernet network via WiFi. So its "wired-->WiFi"

Repeater-this is a thing that takes an existing WiFi network and repeats its signal. So its "wifi-->WiFi"

Bridge-this is a wireless bridge of two Ethernet networks, so "wired-->WiFi bridge--wired"

A lot of companies will misuse those terms but those are the true meanings of all that.

Okay, so the ideal thing is an access point. They're simple and more reliable than a repeater, because Ethernet is far less likely to fail than WiFi. The catch? You have to be able to get Ethernet to your AP wherever you put it. However, if you can manage that, this is your best option. If you need a good access point, I'm sure you've heard pretty much everyone here likes Ubiquiti Unifi, you can pick up one of those in an 802.11n model for $70 on Amazon.

If you can't get Ethernet to where you want this thing, you're pretty much stuck with a wireless repeater. I don't have any experience with those except that my neighbor had a Netgear one that was absolutely AWFUL, but maybe someone else can recommend some of these if you need one.

Oh and I forgot to mention that when a company says "WiFi range extender" read the fine print. It'll usually say what it really is (access point, repeater, both), but range extender is a very generic term.

I really appreciate the elaborate explanation. I can't really run ethernet to the AP if I buy one because all the wiring in my apartment (made of concrete) is concealed. So that would be really messy. It's one of the reasons I wanted a wireless solution. Is the link to the Linksys one I gave above an AP+extender? I just want to know that, because the terms they use in marketing are so nebulous. I don't think configuring that would be a problem for me.

Their website makes it seem as if it can be either one. The only catch to using a wireless repeater is that it can only go as fast as the upstream router. (For example if you have a G router and an N repeater, the repeater is only going to be able to get you to the internet at the speed of G) you might look into a full fledged router and put DD-WRT on it, I think DD-WRT can act as a repeater and that'll give you a LOT more flexibility.

But theflipside is that if youre in an apartment, just buying a Unifi long range AP and sitting it next to your existing router might be fine, I've got mine in a 2 story house upstairs and I get signal in like a 100-200ft radius around it. If your apartment has a lot of concrete or steel, it might not work, but if its mostly wood/drywall then you might want to consider that, purely because of the reliability of the Unifi APs

Thanks a lot.