Best Wireless Headset for Under $100

I am looking for the best wireless headset for under $100 as the title suggests. My current headset is the Razer Kraken Pro. I am looking for something with a long battery life and reliable connectivity. If the quality is anything as good as for example the Razer Kraken Pro I'll be happy with it. I really like the companies Corsair and Logitech. I'll be willing to pay slightly above $100 if I need to, but I would rather not. Thank you to anyone that can help me.

- Archarin

I have the Logitech G930s and I love them.  I had posted asking as well.

 After having them for a few months, I wish perhaps there was a little more padding.  My one ear would get sore after hours and hours of wear.  It wasn't noticeable, however, until I took them off.  They seem to have gotten better.

At any rate, I would purchase these again (might be a hard choice since the Corsair Vengence 2100 is out now).  They do not cut out, I can wear them throughout my apartment, and the price is nice. 

Thank you for the reply. I'll look into them.