Best wireless headset for PC and 360?

I've been racking my brain for the last few days trying to find a good wireless headset that's compatible with both PC and 360, but I can't decide on one, the reviews are all over the place. I'm half deaf so sound quality isn't a huge concern, I don't need studio quality. The reason I'm set on wireless is because I've gone through 5 wired headsets and the wire always breaks where it joins the cup. I've had Turtle Beach X12s and Corsair Vengeance 1400s break on me, so no more wires. My budget is around €150 ($200)

So far I've looked at:

-PDP Afterglow (exact features I want, good reviews but concerned about build quality, too good to be true at that price point?)

-Turtle Beach PX4 (looks amazing but expensive and isn't plug&play on PC)

-Turtle Beach PX3 (pretty much perfect if not for the bad reviews)

-Tritton (which I have ruled out, very bad reviews)

-Sony Pulse (looks like it would be good but doesn't work on 360)

-Razer (ruled them out because of the build quality and price)

-Corsair (ruled them out because the 1400s I had were terrible)

The features I'm really looking for are:

-mini jack for 360 controller chat

-rechargeable battery (no AAs)

-charge while in use

-good build quality

-acceptable sound quality

-stereo is fine for me but most headsets in this price range seem to have 5.1/7.1 so whatever

-good mic

The reviews for all of the headsets I've looked at vary so greatly from place to place that it's very difficult to come to a decision.