Best Windows (x86) tablet under 600 bucks

Selamat pagi (Good morning) guys .. Depending on the time you're recording this. Ok, question straight up for Wendell. Best x86 tablet under 600 bucks. i've posted a similar question win the forum with 350 as an option. Seeing there have not many options for that price range so i decided to up the ante. The below 600 bucks range tablet will be utilized for Office (Word, Excel, etc), some movies, surfing, light gaming maybe (Rise of Nations, etc). Any ideas? If i am not mistaken Wendell mentioned (in tek show) that he has Dell Venue Pro 11 in his possession and i hope he is making another nerd review for that unit (assuming that he has it). That is all and Terima kasih (Thank you in English) and do visit Malaysia if you guys are able.