Best Windows tablet (x86) under 350

Hi guys, planning to get a tablet for the missus. In short i'm looking the best price performance windows (non-RT) tablet under 350 bucks. any ideas?

If she wouldn't mind a smaller tablet the Toshiba Encore 8" seems to be on sale. Only 32GB storage but the new four core Atom and 2GB RAM lets it do a lot of things. I should be getting something like it myself but can wait until they get one out with 64bit Windows and 4GB of RAM at a similar price.

Thanks. I'll look it up

its on the small side. i'll ask the commandress in chief. Thanks

i'm currently looking into Dell Venue Pro 11 which i am not mistaken Wendel mentioned he has one unit in his possession (Wendel, please comment or make another nerd review), the 1st gen Surface Pro, Asus T100 and HP Split X2. Any comments or experience on those mentioned models?

Currently still waiting for review on Venue Pro 11 whether it is Tek Approved or not.

Slightly related, but I had the unfortunate opportunity to use a Dell XPS 10 tablet and it was absolutely horrible. Sluggish, cheap build and the keyboard dock sucked. Not sure if the Venue Pro 11 is the same, but considering the price of the cheapest Venue Pro 11 ($650), I (personally) would spend some extra and grab a surface pro 3. I've used the surface Pro 3 and it's nice, like really nice.

thanks for the heads up. almost considered the Dell 10'. Surface Pro 3 definitely in my wish list if my budget allows. 

Surface Pro 3 definitely hits the sweet spot. But current budget is a stumbling block. BTW, i've posted another $650 option in Inbox.exe sub forum. we'll see what the tek team has to say.

As for ARM, i concur to the lack of exposure of the general public about ARM. i forsee in 5 years time, ARM will possess the computing prowess to handle x86. Then it will drive all computing prices down. i wont be surprised if GPUs in the future will have ARM processors in them. 

asus t100ta - have one, love it.