Best ways to hide IP or become untrackable

Hello guys, this is my first thread on this forum (hooray for me)

Anyways, the title says it all.  I would like to know what is the most cost effective way to become untrackable on the internet.  Why do I want to do this??, well, why not?

1. I hate to getting ads or being re-directed to a specific page based on my location. -  I live in Puerto Rico, and everytime I go to it takes me directly to ... so i inevitably had to put down my homepage as to avoid this.  Thing is I haven't found a work around on other companies. It really bugs me especially when they want to make everything in my internet in spanish (though fluent in it... it suks when i comes to tech).

2. Unable to view content or participate in something because "its not available in my area",  - the funny thing about this is that Puerto Rico is part of the USA, but since so many companies don't know about this, they don't even know what to do with ip address from here, even though part of their companies directs us to the USA site, and the other sends us to either, Spain, Latin America or Mexico (we are just not wanted lol).

3. Being tracked by the goverment and "big brother".  - I don't do any ilegal activity which is not a thing about "not getting caught". I just believe that the internet should be a free place (like every other sensible modern person that comprehends the complexity and the beauty that is the online world).  Especially now that, as Logan said in "The Tek", AT&T, verizon and the other big companies are gonna start tracking us.  I mean, it has bothered me from time to time... but now its just absurd.

4. Be online apocalypse proof - .. when the (thing that comes out the horses behind) hits the celing and every country runned by old men who online think that the is nothing but a internet is a porn hub and try to limit everything, I wanna have the knowledge, skills and tools to avoid this and help those I know around me to bypass this.


Well... there are 1000s of reasons and I'm sure many of you can think of some.  I currently use "hide my ip" - shaware edition, but I belive there are better ways that this. 


If we can all put our ideas and knowledge about this, we can all find an easy way to implement "untrackable" internet use, on our desktop and mobile devices.  I assume there's alot of people here that already know how to do this (looks at Nate ;) ) so please teach us the art of being a CYBER NINJA  :D



My suggestion, use a VPN.

You have some big ones, like HideMyAss. Or you have smaller once that might be a bit faster for you.

VPN with servers in a country that doesn't care and pay using only bitcoins (don't forget to encrypt your connection to it)

Move to Switzerland. There´s actually still freedom of speech and no censorship going on. I´d have to pay 5 € extra each month just to get a swiss VPN on top of the 30 € for DSL & flatrate.

I hate the current government in Germany. I wish they would all perish.

You know, that option was in the back of my mind... but:

1. I'm kinda newbish and don't know how to properly set this up, if there's a guide somewhere in the internet that can help me do this step by step i'd gladly do it. I don't mind paying an extra fee for that.  Mind you this is my setup, so please tell me if it will work:  I'm the sole owner of my own PC repair shop this shop is located in San Juan (PR's biggest city) with 4 PCs connected to my router (with no server) with ISP "Onelink", i live in Caguas (suburb of SJ) with ISP "Liberty", with 2 PCs, i have 2 laptops who I would like to connect to this VPN anywhere, usually use my other ISPs but can use tether through my AT&T phone.  I ask this because I've read that VPNs can be accessed by a static IP...  i could go on with lots of things I've heard lol

2. Both of my land based ISP currently only gives me 1mbps of upload... which is shit... (i use dropbox on a daily basis, and its just painfully slow compared to ... anything.  Though with AT&T 4g lte i get great uploads, but I only have a 5gb cap on that which I strongly use only for my phone to avoid extra charges). 

So, any more suggestions? Aside from HideMyAss (which I will look into in a moment) what other things are there?

btw, thanks u guys for the replies, much appreciated.

Setting up a VPN is easy, depending on the service you choose they'll have a setup guide on there website. But usually it's as simple as "download our program and run it" and it'll automaticlly route your traffic to their servers. As for which service you should use i'd suggest reading this artical on torrentfreak, they do a pretty good job of laying out the best VPN services for staying anonymous.


P.S. You should really stay away from anything free (especially in terms of VPNs) if your trying to stay anonymous. As the saying goes "If You're Not Paying For It, You're The Product".

there is always tor to go around (slow but for browsing, more than enough?)
though best/fast connection would be vpn

I strongly recommend using the BTGuard VPN have been using it for several months there is a fee of $10USD per month i believe. It was one of the VPN's suggested by Torrentfreak in the article posted above. They are located in Canada so they do not have to log your personal details and therefore cannot be forced to hand them over when asked for the info. There is an excellent step-by-step guide for setting up the VPN on the BTGuard website. I found it extremely easy and had no troubles setting it up.

I'm a trained ethical hacker/IT pro ... it is not possible to hide where you are broadcasting from on a network. You leave a trace no matter what your IP, MACID or proxy. It's just a matter of time and persistance. Be it data or electrons ... everything is trackable. The only way to "protect" yourself from being spied on is to encrypt your data. A VPN will do that, but it will not hide who/where you are.

Don't do anything on the net that you would want you mom to see sitting in the frontrow of your content.

So to sum up ... everything you do on the net is traceable and every device with a computer has the potential to be comprimised. Obfuscation is not security.

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You can always try the tor project, and it's free. I use it all the time. here's a video explaining how aggresive govements have been on blocking the tor network...

soy de canovanas... xD!

The Tor Project video is so very much worth the watch. Even if you do not fully understand all the technical side of this. It talks about a lot of material that everyone should know about.  

Just a friendly reminder anyone considering TOR, it's for anomitiy NOT security. It's about the equivilant of an open-wifi as far as security goes.

Gonna watch it now and eat some sandwichs xd
To much waiting on a next syndicate ep ^^ hehe

I've been using private internet access for a couple of weeks now pretty cheap at €30pa. It was also recommended in that Torrentfreak article. I have noticed tho. that my torrents have slowed down a bit. I ran and am getting the same download speeds but strangely my upload has gone from 0.4Mbps to 1.4Mbps. 

Yeah it sounds like you want a VPN, though that wouldn't provide you with anonymity very well.

If you really want to get extreme you can use TOR inside a virtual PC. You'll be pretty safe there, but it's impractical and slow. (TOR itself that is, a VPC won't really affect you much if you set it up correctly)

tor from a virtual pc, inside a vpn, with about 6 or 7 proxies

Hi you can hide your ip through  VPN or  proxy server .Using this you can change your present network ip with some fake ip address .So if anyone do ip lookup for your ip in sites like they can get details of the fake ip address only so that you wont caught by them.

VPN -> VPN in virtual machine -> Tor (3 nodes) -> SSH tunnel on rooted box -> random SOCKS5 -> target


as for isps see if verizons 4g mobile hotspot works in pr


build a pfsense router for your shop, set it up to connect through the vpn of choice

then use your shop to serve as a vpn for your home running a fulltime server for yourself at the shop.


I used to use a VPN, but is it just me or when I'm using a VPN, my connection is getting slower and slower. But for the OP: Tor or HideMyAss is a good idea.