Best way to verify a motherboard?

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I installed one of my spare drives (850 Pro) as a boot drive into a new-to-me laptop. The system then failed/corrupted the boot drive at ~10hrs of use. Other than verifying the drive is fine and trying again, is there a way to verify that this wasn’t caused by the new-to-me laptop?

Did anything show up on the drive ? (SMART errors etc) What is your concern? I mean I guess you could run memtest

No errors reported. I popped the drive into my NAS and have SMART extended running. Memtest passed.

EDIT: SMART extended passed as well.

I would just give it another shot, is this the only drive it the system?

Yes, the only drive.

the problem with some latops is that heat damage over time can cause the battery to emit some corrosive vapors often it degrades the connections for the hdd.
removing the battery look for signs of moisture its possibly the condensate of the vapors.
Ive seen a few over the years.
if the drive works ok in another system but not in the lappy its a good indication the connectors are corroded to the point of generating problems when they heat up.

That’s interesting, and concerning… Wouldn’t want to breath those fumes.

I don’t think that applies here since the system, though many years old, was just recently unboxed and battery installed. I’ll know to check for that in the future, though. Thank you for the tip.

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