Best way to use YouTube for a daily newscast?

First let me apologize, I really wasn't sure where to post this.

My school wants to do a daily newscast thing and we have the capability to stream via RTMP, so of course my immediate thought (in addition to some crazy local streaming shenanigans we're doing) was "YouTube!". The issue I ran into was that YouTube makes you "create an event" or whatever every time you want to stream. What would you guys suggest doing if we wanted to do like the WAN show and have archived versions available immediately after the stream, every day?

Thanks y'all

Odd because of all of this. But past which point... Just set OBS to save a copy of the initial stream/recording and then upload the stream once it's done, should OBS be utilized (most streaming applications have a similar function). I might be missing something here but in general that methodology usually always works.

Not even remote ninja level edit, edit none-the-less, but after I thought about it you could just use ffmpeg to stream from the camera via cli if you have rtmp abilities.... or you could just record a video and then stream it via VLC. You have multiple options, I just don't know what the limits are to making this happen.

Recording first, and then streaming afterwards would probably be a good idea. It will add another layer of work to the mixture, but it can provide you with an opportunity to edit/touch up the video and make it more presentable compared to a live stream scenario.

More demanding in terms of time and work involved, but more forgiving due to the fact that you can make a mistake, without making a fool of yourself.

Wow, I apparently did a stupid and failed to notice that. It appears I can create one event (title it like "Buckhorn High School News" or something generic) and reuse that each day, and then upload the recorded file from the studio afterwards, is that correct?

We are going to do that sometimes, but the teacher is intent on us eventually doing at least some things live. She may change her tune after the first few live attempts, but I at least convinced her to do our first 4-5 broadcasts with the record--->stream workflow. Thanks for the tip though

Yeah... pretty much.