Best way to spend 25 bucks

So after my pc build (with my parents money) my parents won't give me money to upgrade in the next 6 months. right now i have 20 euros and i can do only thing with it.

1. Buy a new fan cooler, the Coolermaster Sickeflow Blue 120mm fan

2. Buy a LED strip for in my case, the Bitfenix Alchemy LED Connect, 120mm

3. Buy the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

4. Buy this thing: (24 dollars including shipping to NL)


Buy the 212 evo ^_^

If you got an unlocked CPU, deffinately get the CM 212 Evo!

Thats enough to get a case of beer. i think i would spend my 20 euro's on that and have a party with all my mates.

otherwise the cooler is probabaly a good option. also check out Deep Cool, they make some decent and very well priced CPU coolers

no doubt the evo 212.

Go for the 212 Evo.

You're going to need a lot more beer than that to have a party with all of your mates, lol.

What kind of friend shows up with more beer?

I would get this heatsink

and this fan

I think it would perform better than the 212, can anyone agree?