Best way to remove thermal compound

I need to remowe my old thermal compound for my new H100i and what is the best way of doing that?


Thanks for all the help :)

Use some isopropyl alcohol (the higher the percentage the better) and some coffee filters or a micro fiber cloth. Put some of the alcohol on the coffee filter/cloth and wipe the old thermal paste off. Make sure it's totally clean and dry (the alcohol should dry off in a matter of seconds) and then put a pea or rice grain size blob of new thermal past on the CPU and install the new cooler.

I usually use toilet / kitchen paper to get rid of most of it, then something like kitchen paper [preferably] and some meths [every super market should have that] 99% Ethanol to clean off the rest. Then apply as Logan has shown in his videos ^^ [Kentucky Style if you feel manly today :D]

I use rubbing alcohol and coffee filters most of the time. Usually you can pick them up fairly cheap at a convient store. 

Toilet and kitchen paper can leave behind fibers which could hurt temperatures. That's why you generally want to use either a micro fiber cloth or coffee filters.