Best way to record flash based stream source feed?

Whats the best way to capture the source feed of a flash based live stream? I'd like to record just the video/sound and not through a screen capture. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

You could use VLC Media Player to directly open and save the stream, but you will first need to get a hold of the actual stream URL. You can use chrome developer tools to do so, then in VLC use the File > Convert / Save menu, then choose a network stream, paste the URL, then select a destination file. VLC won't necessarily display the stream as it's capturing. You'll also want to pray that they don't use any encoding between the streaming service and the player, or a dynamic streaming protocol that switches servers occasionally for load balancing.

I actually couldn't find any good guide on how to do this, so I recorded this real quick.

That's a great video, thanks for the tutorial. Unfortunately the feed isn't showing up in the network tab. It's from an adobe flash video player stream thats embedded, if that helps. Maybe this just means I need to pull the trigger on some web dev classes. 

That should work just the same as it's the same concept I demonstrated in the video. You may try refreshing the tab while in the network capture tool, as I had to in the video. The flash player may be in an iframe as well, which would prevent this sort of 'hack' as you would need to dive into that iframe to get to the video feed. All possible but just a little bit more difficult.