Best way to paint a case

I'm building my girlfriend a cheep pc for x-mas, and i have this old crap case, that is that horrid off egg white color. Whats the best way to paint the case, just crab a can of spray paint and go at it? or is there a better way?

Get painters tape, put it over led's and buttons, first coat the case with primer, then after 30 min-1 hour, go at it with a color...

wow, really simple, thanks i probably would had completly over complcated it

you might want to try a plastic spray paint, but dont go at it with red, unless you're two toning it. lol


Spray Paint


Rice's way works better if you just use primer the paint will just glob off one day just wait and see sandpaper you can say...locks the paint in. Im about to start up a thread about my project.






plastic paint.

the plastic paint, works on aluminum?

lol no, its plastic paint is meant for plastic. maybe it would actually, but i have no idea

sometimes life just licks accross your anus with a sandpaper tongue

I reccomend trying to paint other metal surfaces before doing the case. Just for training.

technique is very important, you don't want to spray to much paint or it will mess up, you also wan't to spray and sand in one direction, or it seem strange. monstermwad on youtube has some good case modding vids.

Oh and... Is it really a good idea to give your gf a "Crappy case" ? : P

prep prep and prep

you gotta sand in between each coat of paint and allow enough time inbetween coats use automotive paint and sandpaper a fine grit basically

after i paint it, it will no longer be a crappy case lol

thanks for tips, probably would had turned out crapy if i just went at like i was going to